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The fire service has evolved a lot in the last few decades. With rising call volumes, training has become more important than ever. Yet, it’s also become harder to accomplish – especially when you’re juggling other administrative duties.

Many departments still rely on using training methods that don’t offer the flexibility, accountability, and reporting features you need.

That’s why we’ve made online fire & EMS training easy, affordable, and accessible with our new platform, The Fire Academy. We know daily training and EMS continuing education is an important yet time-consuming element when running a department. And how about all those hours spent on reporting and checking on compliance requirements?

We dove into the details behind The Fire Academy during a free webinar on Thursday, April 21st.

Missed it? Don’t sweat it – you can still watch it here:

Fire Academy Personnel Management & Compliance
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Get a firefighter’s perspective on how The Fire Academy can simplify your department’s training goals. 

★ User-friendly system for admins and users 

★ Extensive course library of fresh fire, EMS, and compliance training 

★ Tracking tools for ISO activities 

★ Integrations with leading RMS platforms 

★ Event scheduler for hands-on and instructor-led training 

★ Flexible pricing – pay for the features you need 


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