The Fire Academy is an all NEW year-round interactive digital platform that brings firefighters training from industry leaders in order to continue supporting their efforts in the communities they serve. The content will discuss key themes around topics including: Safety, Leadership/Management, Company Officer, and many more. With a collaborative backing of FDIC International and Fire Engineering, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to help support training in the fire service industry.



Anti Harrassment in Workplace

Keeping your workplace free of harrasing behavior should be your top priority for creating a safe workplace for all individuals. It will also make you a department of choice where everyone wants to work. This course will explore the different types of harrassment, what you can do to prevent it and also what to do if it happens to you! We will focus on what an individual can and can not do and what your department is responsible for to keep the workplace free of harrassment.

Back Injuries

Firefighters and EMS professionals face their own challenges when it comes to back injuries. Back Injury Prevention presents information on common types of injuries and their contributing factors. It will outline the proper techniques for lifting and moving heavy objects and how to adjust your actions if you are lifting a patient or pulling a hose. It will explain how to reduce bending, twisting, and stretching and ways to prevent back pain through proper lifting techniques and workplace ergonomics. This training will fulfill OSHA training requirements for reducing workplace injury.

Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders

While working in the public safety sector Fire and EMS professionals can be exposed to many pathogens and one of those is bloodborne pathogens. Anyone who could expect to face regular exposure to blood or OPIM (other potentially infectious materials) while performing their job duties. This course provides the necessary training in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030.

Building Construction

As long as there have been buildings, firefighters have been called upon to extinguish fires within them. This module covers building construction elements firefighters need to know to conduct safe and efficient fireground operations. Content in this module is aligned with the NFPA 1001 Standards for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications, Fire Fighter I: 4.3.4, 4.3.10, and 4.3.12; and Fire Fighter II: 5.3.2, “Fireground Operations.”

Fire Behavior

Fire behavior is a core principle to becoming a proficient firefighter. Understanding fire behavior will allow firefighters to progress with smarter and safer firefighting tactics. This module examines the science behind fire, heat, combustion, decay, and the hazards that may appear along each stage. Content in this module is aligned with the NFPA 1001 Standards for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications, Fire Fighter I: 4.3.11 and 4.3.12, “Fireground Operations.”


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