The Fire Academy is an all NEW year-round interactive digital platform that brings firefighters training from industry leaders in order to continue supporting their efforts in the communities they serve. The content will discuss key themes around topics including: Safety, Leadership/Management, Company Officer, and many more. With a collaborative backing of FDIC International and Fire Engineering, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to help support training in the fire service industry.



Back Safety in EMS

Back Safety in EMS

This session will provide an overview of the basic bio-mechanics of lifting patients in EMS with a comparison to OSHA lifting guidelines. Discussion will include safe reach ranges and areas where EMS caregivers need to have careful scrutiny when moving patients.
Benefits of Simulation-Based Clinical Skills Competitions

Benefits of Simulation-Based Clinical Skills Competitions

Simulated patient care scenarios are recognized as one of the best methods to help educate as well as assess the clinical skills of EMTs and paramedics. With the exception of team-based CPR delivery, training and assessing a provider's clinical skills typically involves a single student performing skills on a simulated patient. But how often are EMS personnel the only person treating a single patient? In this webcast, you'll learn how clinical skills competitions not only offer a team-based approach to skills training and assessment, but also the many benefits that extend beyond the classroom or training room.
Breaking Down Barriers to Resiliency

Breaking Down Barriers to Resiliency

Join Epidemiologist Morgan Anderson, Judson Smith, MHA, Paramedic, and Phil Callahan, M.D., to learn how we can break down barriers to resiliency by redefining the culture and making a plan for ways to positively manage the stresses of the job. Learn about the role of leadership in providing the right resources and education for their crews and families.


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