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You Ask‚ We’ll Answer: Answers to the Most Pressing MIH-CP Questions

You Ask‚ We’ll Answer: Answers to the Most Pressing MIH-CP Questions

In 2009, only a handful of MIH-CP programs were operating in the U.S. Today, according to a database maintained by the National Association of EMTs, there are about 230. Despite this phenomenal growth, there are still many questions surrounding this evolving service delivery model. How do you get started? What are some current models for economic sustainability? How do you select and train providers? How do you measure success and demonstrate value? Who are some of the stakeholders that are supporting MIH-CP programs? What next on the horizon for EMS? Dan Swayze and Matt Zavadsky are two of the pioneers in this service delivery model and have the scars to prove it! Join this informative session to hear from Dan and Matt the answers to not only these commonly asked questions, but also live interactive questions posed by participants.


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