The Fire Academy is an all NEW year-round interactive digital platform that brings firefighters training from industry leaders in order to continue supporting their efforts in the communities they serve. The content will discuss key themes around topics including: Safety, Leadership/Management, Company Officer, and many more. With a collaborative backing of FDIC International and Fire Engineering, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to help support training in the fire service industry.



Cutting-Edge First-Line Airway Management: Multiple Ways the EMT Can Make A Difference

Cutting-Edge First-Line Airway Management: Multiple Ways the EMT Can Make A Difference

This webcast will outline best practices in BLS airway management. Dr. Andrew McCoy will present topics such as how to optimize bag-mask ventilation; use of airway adjuncts including oral airway and nasopharyngeal airway; BLS end-tidal capnography; BLS positive pressure non-invasive ventilation; and PEEP as a BLS adjunct. Please join us for this event sponsored by Columbia Southern University.
Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-Driven Decision Making

Fire departments should be tracking key performance measures to make meaningful operational decisions. Today, new methods can easily capture the data needed for those measures, making it easier for fire service leaders to use data to effect change at the administrative, company, and individual firefighter levels. Operational information can enlighten areas of department strengths and operational deficits, particularly during abnormal operations like response during the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, and the economic aftermath. Learn why fire service leaders need to use performance measures to drive operational and policy decisions, support fiscal requests, and monitor responder exposures. Experience how to use live data and performance measures at the company level to empower officers and firefighters to improve performance and reduce risks and track exposures using the National Fire Operations Reporting System (NFORS). NFORS not only captures and analyzes operational data but also tracks and records individual firefighter physical and behavioral health exposures to ensure adequate documentation in a cancer or PTSD diagnosis. Welcome to the new world of NFORS.
Disrupt the Odds: Enhancing Community Preparedness and Response

Disrupt the Odds: Enhancing Community Preparedness and Response

As medical providers embedded within the fabric of a community, EMS is uniquely situated to help identify and prevent public health problems and other safety issues. In this session, you'll learn how three EMS agencies have partnered with other state and local services and systems to drive the implementation of cutting-edge, forward-thinking approaches to national problems within their community. Each of these agencies identified a need and worked to obtain the required funds and operational support, and as a result, have been a significant force of positive change.


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