The Fire Academy is an all NEW year-round interactive digital platform that brings firefighters training from industry leaders in order to continue supporting their efforts in the communities they serve. The content will discuss key themes around topics including: Safety, Leadership/Management, Company Officer, and many more. With a collaborative backing of FDIC International and Fire Engineering, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to help support training in the fire service industry.



Full Contact Leadership: From the Firehouse to the Street

Full Contact Leadership: From the Firehouse to the Street

You will be introduced to the tenets of Full Contact Leadership and how it applies to the fire officer and those who aspire to become fire officers. Understanding and addressing the often uncomfortable personnel conflicts and subordinate/superior relationships and their application to the fireground are a major focus. The steps to resolving personnel conflict are compared and applied to the familiar fireground evolutions with which most fire operators are comfortable--sort of a way to introduce a level of comfort into the uncomfortable areas of command and leadership.
Getting to the Point…of Care. Curbside Patient Management in EMS.

Getting to the Point…of Care. Curbside Patient Management in EMS.

In much the same fashion that patients may have to wait until they get to the hospital for definitive treatment, EMS providers often do not have ready access to clinically meaningful data that may facilitate their diagnoses, clinical management, or even choice of transport destination. A variety of point-of-care testing tools are, however, available for use in the field and may serve to remedy this situation. In this session we will look at those clinical scenarios in which these quantitative diagnostic tools may be of special relevance, and how the data provided by them may affect clinical decision-making in the field. We will also examine what skills EMS professionals need to develop in order to ensure the appropriate use and interpretation of these tests. Finally, we will look at how to evaluate different devices not just for their clinical utility, but also for their efficient and realistic use in the field.


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