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The Fire Academy is searching for ambassadors—influential voices in the industry that will promote the benefits of The Fire Academy and ensure it meets the needs of our customers.

How the Ambassador Program works:

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Promote The Fire Academy to other industry professionals

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Connect your network with our sales team

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Earn commission from each referred subscriber

The Fire Academy helps departments:

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Save time and energy spent on training creation and record keeping

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Meet training compliance requirements and decrease their liability

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Create engaging and convenient hybrid training experiences

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Build a succession pipeline of leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become an Ambassador?

Our ideal partners are department instructors and speakers who can partake in this initiative on their days off from the fire house. Speaking about the importance of training is a passion. Becoming a part of The Fire Academy team is a great way to make impactful advancements across the industry and to take an active part in shaping the future of firefighting training.

What do I get to help promote The Fire Academy?

You’ll get unlimited access to the platform, marketing materials, suggested messaging, and a dedicated Sales Account Manager to help demo the platform and tailor proposals to the department’s needs.

Who should I target as referrals?

Anyone in your network who’s involved with training at their department and could benefit from a cutting edge platform to organize and deliver training to their emergency response personnel. 

How will my Sales Account Manager help facilitate relationships?

Your Account Manager is dedicated to your efforts. They will help you arrange demos and can answer any questions your prospects may have. They will also keep you in the loop with the most up-to-date materials so your network always has the latest information.

How do we avoid duplicating outreach efforts?

When you apply to become an Ambassador, we ask that you let us know what regions you have an influence in. This will help us ensure that multiple Ambassadors aren’t overlapping efforts within the same departments.

Is there any training involved?

Prior to beginning your outreach, you’ll be invited to complete two 1-hour platform onboarding sessions and a 1-hour meeting with our marketing and sales teams to equip you with the right materials and messaging.

Become an ambassador today.

We look forward to collaborating with you and building the best possible solution for fire departments to meet their training needs.


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