Courses with Brent Brainard

Paramedic Field Training Officer and Preceptor
Station 1, Division A
Captain Brainard's career began in 2001 as an EMT for Rural Metro and was hired by San Diego Fire-Rescue Department in 2002 as an Single Role EMT. He attended paramedic school at Southwesten College in 2003 and graduated from San Diego Fire-Rescue Department fire academy in 2004. In 2011 he promoted to Engineer and in 2016 he promoted to Captain. He is a current paramedic Field Training Officer and preceptor and his current assignment is at Station 1 on A division. In 2007 he applied to and became a member of CATF-8 and in 2009 he was partnered with his first canine Fletch. They became the first certified FEMA search canine team in San Diego Fire-Rescue's history in June 2010. After having to retire his first partner due to a medical condition in 2014, Captain Brainard was partnered with Decker on June 13, 2014. They achieved FEMA certification on 11/1/2014. They have been deployed 4 times with their most recent to the Montecito Mudslides.


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