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Adjunct Faculty, Kaplan University, Attorney
Brocato Legal Group
Chad Brocato, JD, DHSc, is a assistant fire chief for the Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services. He has a passion for EMS education with 20 years of experience teaching at community colleges, universities, and conferences. He's earned a Master of Medical Science degree, a Doctor of Health Science degree, and a Juris Doctor (law) degree from Nova Southeastern University. He's also an internationally published author, nationally recognized speaker and a member of the JEMS Editorial Board.
Benefits of Simulation-Based Clinical Skills Competitions

Benefits of Simulation-Based Clinical Skills Competitions

Simulated patient care scenarios are recognized as one of the best methods to help educate as well as assess the clinical skills of EMTs and paramedics. With the exception of team-based CPR delivery, training and assessing a provider's clinical skills typically involves a single student performing skills on a simulated patient. But how often are EMS personnel the only person treating a single patient? In this webcast, you'll learn how clinical skills competitions not only offer a team-based approach to skills training and assessment, but also the many benefits that extend beyond the classroom or training room.


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