Courses with Brian Carlson

Assistant Chief
Burnsville Fire Department (MN)
Brian Carlson is currently an Assistant Chief for the Burnsville Fire Department assigned as the Training and EMS Assistant Chief. Brian has a varied background in EMS working in both private and fire based EMS. He holds a bachelor's degree in Public Administration and is a current student of the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy.
Focus on Changing the Culture – Addressing EMS Provider Stress and Mental Health

Focus on Changing the Culture – Addressing EMS Provider Stress and Mental Health

The issue of EMS provider stress and mental health has come to the forefront of our profession. The Burnsville Minnesota Fire Department has, like many EMS agencies, provided countless training opportunities for its staff and increased the visibility of employee assistance programs. The greatest success though, has been through something less tangible, something free and something much more challenging- a culture change that changed the discussion of mental health. Join Fire Chief BJ Jungmann to discuss his philosophy and lessons learned from the cultural change he is leading. Joining him is Brian Carlson, an Assistant Chief with Burnsville Fire who himself has struggled with mental health and been on both the management, and patient side, of provider mental health.


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