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Brandon Dreiman

Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department
Brandon Dreiman is an Instructor/Presenter for The Fire Academy, the all NEW year-round interactive digital platform with the collaborative backing of FDIC International, Fire Engineering, and JEMS. The Fire Academy brings you training from industry leaders in order for you to continue supporting your efforts in the communities you serve. Courses cover key themes around topics including: Safety, Leadership/Management, Company Officer, and many more. You won’t want to miss out on this training – all at your fingertips.

JEMS Insights: My Experience with Substance Use

This microlearning course was recorded at JEMS Con and FDIC and follows the true-life story of Brandon Dreiman about substance use disorders. His personal story about his struggles and how he was triumphant to overcome addiction will hit home as an EMS professional that may struggle themselves or know someone who is struggling with alcohol or other substances.

Course Type: Microlearning

Course Duration: 7 min

JEMS Insights: Supporting Mental Health

This microlearning course was recorded at JEMS Con and FDIC and focuses on what departments can do to support mental health initiatives for their department. Learn from an industry leader Brandon Dreiman, a firefighter, peer support /resilience master instructor for the IAFF, and an expert in Mental Health for EMS and Fire Professionals.

Course Type: Microlearning

Course Duration: 4 min

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