Courses with Clayton Goddard

Special Operations Supervisor
Little Rock Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS)
Major Clayton Goddard is a Nationally Registered paramedic and certified law enforcement officer in the State of Arkansas. Major Goddard currently serves as the Special Operations Supervisor for Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) in Little Rock. His primary responsibilities include the recruitment, training and response operations for the teams that comprise MEMS Special Operations. The Special Tactics Advanced Response (STAR) Team deploys LE/Paramedics and LE/Physicians with federal, state and local tactical law enforcement agencies to "high-risk" LE operations throughout the State. Major Goddard is frequently called upon by federal, state and local agencies to plan, facilitate and provide instruction on various aspects of tactical law enforcement training. Special Operations Response Team (SORT) incorporates four rescue/response disciplines to include Urban Search and Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Mass Casualty Incident Specialists and Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Technicians and provides "medical specialists" to Arkansas Task Force One (ATF-1), a FEMA designated Type-3 Urban Search and Rescue Team. In 2014, Major Goddard initiated a Statewide effort to minimize preventable death due to trauma by applying the principles of the U.S. Military's Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training to both law enforcement agencies and both public and private schools in Arkansas. These efforts have resulted in the certification of more than two thousand law enforcement officers throughout the State of Arkansas and the active participation of Arkansas schools in the American College of Surgeon's "Stop the Bleed" program. Major Goddard has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Auburn University.
How to Prepare Communities to “Stop the Bleed”

How to Prepare Communities to “Stop the Bleed”

At this compelling webinar event, you will gain valuable insights on how to prepare your community to effectively handle mass casualty incidents. You will hear first-hand accounts from the EMS personnel who were onsite at the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting and how invaluable civilian/bystander support was in controlling severe hemorrhaging that tragic evening. Richard Hunt, MD, Senior Medical Advisor with the National Healthcare Preparedness Programs will detail the importance of the Federal Stop the Bleed Initiative, established by the White House and being implemented throughout the United States. Operational managers from MEMS in Little Rock Arkansas will explain how the State of Arkansas secured funding to implement a statewide Stop The Bleed program that involves EMS, law enforcement, school nurses, teachers and church groups as trained "First" First Responders.


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