Courses with Jeffrey Jarvis MD

Medical Director
Williamson County EMS and Marble Falls Area EMS
Jeff Jarvis, MD, EMT-P is the Medical Director for Williamson County EMS and Marble Falls Area EMS. He is a practicing emergency physician at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Round Rock, Texas. His experience in Emergency Medical Services and the broader health care field spans over 30 years, beginning as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He has served as a paramedic in three states, the Texas State EMS Training Coordinator and Department Chair of EMS Technology at Temple College. Dr. Jarvis serves on multiple committees including the Texas Governor's Emergency & Trauma Advisory Committee Medical Directors committee, Texas College of Emergency Physicians EMS Medical Directors committee and the American College of Emergency Physicians EMS committee. He has research interests in prehospital airway management and the measurement of clinical performance.
Response Times? Pfft! Bring on the Clinical Benchmarks!

Response Times? Pfft! Bring on the Clinical Benchmarks!

We know that response times aren't the only (or even best) way to measure the clinical performance of our EMS systems. It's not like we don't know what to measure. Several very good clinical benchmarks have been published, giving us a great starting place. It is now up to us to find a way to measure and use them to improve our practices. Join Dr. Jeff Jarvis, an EMS physician, paramedic and self-proclaimed data geek as he covers topics including: Limitations of response times as the sole indicator for system performance; Common clinical benchmarks and why they are important; How to improve our practices by harnessing the data our systems provide us; Current limitations on benchmarking metrics across multiple systems. Dr. Jarvis will also engage the audience in a group discussion of how to best define the essential elements of these measurements.


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