Courses with Sam Massa

Firefighter, EMT, HAZMAT technician. Chief technologist and business owner of HiViz LED Lighting.
Lillington Fire DepartmentHarnett County EMS
In 2003 when I was 13, I started my first business, Massa productions. Massa productions did stage lighting, sound and DJ’ing for local events. With our profits, when I turned 14 I bought a school bus to transport our equipment and in turn hired my first employee, a part time bus driver because I wasn’t old enough to drive myself. Throughout middle and high school, I ran the productions business and brought on a couple of my friends. I bought an H1 hummer to be my promotional vehicle for the business, and a teacher at my small high school told me I was single handedly destroying the planet. With guidance, I attempted making bio-diesel in class and caught our lab on fire. Now being curious about alternative fuels (and mostly saving money) I found a solution similar to biodiesel but without the methanol and hazardous manufacturing process. I began Massa Green Enterprises shortly after. At MGE we specialized in converting fleet diesels vehicles to burn recycled waste vegetable oil at a significant cost saving to the fleet owner. The highlight of that business was having the opportunity to convert then Governor, Arnold schwarzenegger’s personal fleet of H1 Hummers. One of the most important lessons I learned while operating MGE was the importance of having a life balance, and that doing something that you love is more important than having a job and working all the time. My next ventures have all been focused on “doing something I loved so that I don’t have to work a day of my life” as my grandfather used to say. After spending a few years waterskiing in North Carolina I found a way to combine an interest in the emergency services and innovative technologies and began HiViz LED Lighting in 2011. HiViz LED Lighting is now one of four manufacturers supplying scene lighting to US fire apparatus manufacturers. Our products are found in cities all across the US from Prince George County MD to LA County CA to international locations including Austria, Turkey and others.


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