Courses with Mike Mccart

Deputy Chief & Flight Paramedic
Pulaski County Ambulance District & Mercy Life Line 2 Air Ambulance
Mike McCart, EMT-P, is deputy chief at Pulaski County Ambulance District in Waynesville, Mo. He also serves as a flight paramedic with Mercy Life Line 2 Air Ambulance, a medical and rescue specialist for FEMA USAR Missouri Task Force One, and assistant commander for the St. Robert City Police Joint Enforcement Tactical Team.
A Paramedic’s Experience with a Safer, Smarter Ambulance

A Paramedic’s Experience with a Safer, Smarter Ambulance

This adventure to find a safer way to be in the back of a moving ambulance and provide excellent care for my patient started about 11 years ago with an injury (like most things that stimulate change). While working in a Type II van, my partner made some aggressive moves at highway speeds with a sudden stop that tossed me around and I ended up with a few cracked ribs. This mishap has made me look at ways to make it safer in the back of the ambulance without inhibiting our jobs. Whether it be equipment, technology or just asking why we were doing something -- it was all on the table. Fighting tradition, resistance to change and the always present "what if‚" we continue to move forward. Now we are seeing the benefits in safety on the personnel and financial sides.


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