Courses with David Moran

Operations Manager
Guilford County EMS, NC
David Moran has more than 40 years of EMS experience. He has served in a myriad of roles including EMS field trainer, captain, shift commander and operations manager. Current he is an EMS management consultant with Guilford County Emergency Services in North Carolina.
Actionable EMS Metrics to Improve Prehospital Patient Care

Actionable EMS Metrics to Improve Prehospital Patient Care

Patient care reporting technology has improved in leaps and bounds, and many agencies find themselves with an ocean of data but struggle to translate the data into actionable information. In this webcast, Dr. Brent Myers and David Moran with Guilford County Emergency Services will focus on five key EMS metrics that can truly deliver results in key areas that matter most in your community. Join us for this event sponsored by ESO.


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