Courses with Ryan Starling

Engineer and Tactical Medic
San Bernardino County Fire and Police Departments
Ryan Starling, EMT-P, is a San Bernardino County Fire Department Engineer and San Bernardino City Police Department Tactical Medic. During the Dec. 2, 2015, terrorist attack in San Bernardino, he was the first on scene tactical medic for the city's police department on where he conducted the initial triage of victims within the Inland Regional Center. He was also on scene during the shoot-out hours later with the suspects. He's responsible for the medical safety of his fellow officers in a tactical environment, serving high-risk warrants, responding to barricaded suspects and hostage situations, medical training of the SWAT team, and teaching active shooter classes to surrounding agencies with fellow members of his team.
Active Shooter Incidents in America

Active Shooter Incidents in America

This special EMS Today panel discussion and webcast will involve key responders from Orlando, San Bernardino and Dallas. The panel will discuss lessons learned from the active shooter incidents that took place in their response areas. The panel will also discuss response and operational protocols and procedure implemented at the incidents, revisions made since the incident and changes or additions made to medical/trauma/protective equipment deployment.


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