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Leadership Is…
Pete Van Dorpe on leadership

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What does the work of leadership look like? How does it feel? How do you know when you are doing good work? Pete Van Dorpe looks at the hard work of leadership.


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Preparation and Response During Protest and Riots in NYC 2020

Preparation and Response During Protest and Riots in NYC 2020

This class will illustrate the dynamic and dramatic preparation and response of the FDNY's 6th Battalion units during the first two nights of the protests, riots, and looting following the death of George Floyd. The presentation will spur a discussion on how the chiefs working in the FDNY's 6th Battalion kept their members safe while responding through thousands of protestors and agitators, hundreds of NYPD police officers, and garbage strewn streets to extinguish almost 100 fires—including police cars full of ammunition, one report of a police officers trapped in a burning patrol car, and multiple calls reporting structural fires.
Mediocrity Is Not an Option

Mediocrity Is Not an Option

Fire departments have the responsibility to deliver quality service every time out the door. To do this, five elements that need to be considered: people, equipment, training, policies, and leadership. Organizations need to strive to provide the best by continually improving their operations with these elements. This class will look at each component and suggest areas to evaluate and improve.


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