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Rural Water Movement Operations

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Adkins explains how rural fire departments can maximize its operations through the most efficient ways to move its water supply.


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Unlearning Cardiac Arrest – What You Thought You Knew

Unlearning Cardiac Arrest – What You Thought You Knew

Unlearning what you thought you knew about cardiac arrest requires challenging our traditional way of thinking. Do you defibrillate all patients in V-Fib? Give Epi? Stop compressions to intubate? Ventilate 10-12 times a minute? Not at Rialto Fire Department. In fact, we don't care if you ever ventilate. Nothing trumps compressions - nothing! We have changed the way we approach cardiac arrest and it has resulted in a large jump in ROSC rates and an 83% Utstein rate. Join us, Fire Chief Sean Grayson and EMS Chief Joe Powell, as we describe the journey to significant sweeping changes in our cardiac arrest approach and our culture.


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