Easily build, customize, & manage training programs for your whole department, all in one place & available whenever & wherever you are.
“Both Training Officers and Firefighters will have a comprehensive training library available at their fingertips.” – Firefighter Name, Chicago Fire Department

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Welcome to the future of firefighter training.

It’s never been easier to keep your personnel engaged & on track with their development.
Watch world-renowned instructors
Presenting over 200 tried & true classes alongside updated content on important topics & new areas of interest.
Easily manage your department
Build training programs & manage user progress from your account dashboard.
Access from anywhere
Keep track of certification requirements & know the status of your personnel at any time.
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Created by two of the most trusted voices in the fire industry, FDIC and Fire Engineering magazine, training over 50,000 industry professionals each year.

Trusted by top departments

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Build your training programs with the best education available.

Don’t waste time sorting through the vast amount of online content to build your lesson plans. Our comprehensive library is built for all levels of training so you can customize your program based on your department’s unique needs. Have your own material you’d like to incorporate? The Fire Academy integrates with your existing system, allowing you to add your own department training, as needed.
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Taught by industry leaders

Bill Gustin Headshot
Bill Gustin Captain Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue
Gavin Horn Headshot
Gavin Horn Director Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI)
Dave Dodson Headshot
Dave Dodson Battalion Chief (Ret.) Response Solutions, LLC
The Fire Academy on Laptop and Mobile

Give your personnel the freedom to learn from anywhere.

Your team is always on the go, so don’t restrict them to a classroom or even a computer. The Fire Academy is available on any internet-connected device. Give your team the ability to pick up right where they left off with unprecedented mobility.

Always know where your department stands with training.

Easily access training records and ensure departmental compliance all in one place. With The Fire Academy, you can build and coordinate lesson plans, assign classes, and track progress from your training officer dashboard. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
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Does your department need a customized solution?

The Fire Academy is built to be flexible to your unique needs. Our Sales team is ready to help you find the perfect solution for your department.

Streamline your department training today.

Find out how The Fire Academy can improve the effectiveness & efficiency of your department’s training programs.