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The Fire Academy is now Accredited in Kentucky!

The Fire Academy is delighted to share that we are now accredited by the Kentucky Fire Commission to provide continuing education credits for firefighters renewing their certifications.

Per state requirements, firefighters can complete up to 25% of their annual training required training through an online resource. This means that volunteer firefighters can submit up to 5 hours of online training, while paid firefighters can submit up to 25 hours. These continuing education credits are only applicable toward recertification requirements and do not include initial certifications.  


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The Fire Academy currently offers 92 fire courses (that’s 102 hours!) that count toward annual training requirements. In addition, all CAPCE-accredited courses can also be applied to EMS continuing education hours (as long as all applicable KBEMS regulations are followed).

All firefighter training hours need to be monitored by a Kentucky Fire Commissioned certified instructor. Since Kentucky is a self-reporting state, all departments and individuals must submit their own certificates or reports to show course completions. Do not fret though, this is data that is readily available through our reporting functionalities. 


Want to know more about our Kentucky accreditation? Send us an email and our team will be in touch with more details.