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The Fire Academy has a great team of people behind the scenes who work hard to make sure you get the content you need and want.

The Fire Academy is pleased to introduce Allison Perez from our Content Team. As the spouse of a firefighter, Allison hears the challenges of courses being taken and applies that to her designs.

Allison Perez

Instructional Designer

Kyle Bissell
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Tell us in a few sentences what your experience is in the Fire Service or LMS industry?

My husband is in the fire service, so most of my experience comes from being the spouse of a firefighter. I hear the challenges associated with courses he has taken first-hand. I have a passion for developing content to address these challenges so that is is impactful and enjoyable.

What do you do for the Fire Academy? 

I am an Instructional Designer. I help redesign courses and create new courses and training materials. The best part is I get to do this alongside an amazing team!

What do you enjoy doing in your personal time? 

Most of my time is spent with my husband and son, making the most of every moment. If I have extra time, I’m making all the things: from Halloween costumes and delicious new meals to designing websites and reinventing a piece of home decor. If I’m not making something, you will probably find me taking a course or learning something new.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about the Fire Academy?

The courses that are coming! The Content Team has been working hard on getting a ton of new content uploaded into the LMS. You can expect the number of courses to grow exponentially! You are going to love the unique content that is coming.